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Beckett Bot

“You must go on, I can’t go on, I’ll go on”

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HuffPo Spoilers

Like the description says, “I give in to @HuffingtonPost click-bait so you don’t have to.” How nice.


People exclaiming their boredom on Twitter, retweeted by this bot.

David Karp

A parody account for David Karp, CEO of Tumblr fame.

Fake Science

Not all science is real. Fake science is, well… fake.

Not Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell if he was on Twitter. Not too much different from real life.

Edgar Allan Poe

If Edgar Allan Poe had a Twitter account, this is what he might have tweeted.

Stewart G. Griffin

A parody account of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy speaking out on Twitter.

Chuck Norris Facts

Facts about the legendary Chuck Norris. Note: He really “can kill two stones with one bird.”

Tweet Ping

Tweets from the Twittersphere in real time, visually displayed.