Commentary Sites

Airing of Grievance

A site that will help you better formulate grievance notices for people.

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Life Size Whale

Ever wonder how a blue whale would look like in person? Well you can kind of figure out with help from this site.

Don’t Pop It

As much as you would probably like you, try not to pop the balloon.

Abe Vigoda

For those who wanted to know if Abe Vigoda was still alive or not.

We are Now Serving

A site that shows what number the site is now serving, which may or may not be your number.

You Are a Pirate

Social commentary about Limewire and the piracy that occurred on the site, in happy, mocking song.

Lesbian or German?

Turn on your gaydar and figure out if the woman in front of you loves other women or is of Germanic descent.

Is it 6 PM?

Almost there, or maybe not, depending on where you are.

Reasons Conan is Crying

Whether tears of joy or tears of sorrow, these are the many reasons Conan O’Brien cries.