Informational Sites

Life Size Whale

Ever wonder how a blue whale would look like in person? Well you can kind of figure out with help from this site.

Random Names

Need a random name? This site should help you find one in a jiffy.

Like AWFY? Share it with others!

Become a Programmer

An expansive grouping of resources to learn how to program with a side of force.

QVC #2

Dare to get sucked into the time warp that is QVC?

Is it 6 PM?

Almost there, or maybe not, depending on where you are.

Babes of NPR

Just because they’re on the radio, doesn’t mean that they look all that bad in person.

Map of the Dead

Worried about a zombie apocalypse? Be better prepared with this map, showing supplies and escape routes.

Inception Explained

Does “Inception” still confuse you? This site might help.

Imaginary Image Blog

Nothing but imaginary images. Be sure to check out all of them.


An informational site about how to prance like a horse, and the health benefits received.